About iwa

IWA – Islamic World Of Art – is a brand-new digital-only, open access magazine on Islamic art and culture, fueled by pure passion. This magazine aims at promoting, spreading and sharing news on the best, but unfortunately less known, part of the Islamic world: its wide and amazing cultural and artistic output.

In these critical days, when the Islamic world is commonly associated with terrorism, wars and fundamentalism, we find it particularly important to raise a new and neutral voice which can give dignity to the beauty that comes alongside every Islamic society.

In each issue, we will try to give a detailed picture of the newest and oldest artistic trends and creations, the cultural environment and the state of art in the Islamic world.

We are ready to become a new source of information on the Islamic world of art and build a different perspective.

Which kind of Islamic art?
Islamic art is varied and different. The ‘unity in diversity’ paradigm has sometimes jeopardised the representation and reception of the art produced in the Arab-Islamic world. What we want to do is to set Islamic art in context, giving insights, thoughts and new points of view on the subject.

Are you ready to get on board?

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