About the editors

Sara ibrahim

saraaboutIWAI was born in Milan, Italy, and soon enough I discovered my passion for books and communication. After earning a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Languages and Societies, I focused on publishing and I can reasonably consider myself as a publishing professional. I believe in the power of words and for me IWA is only one of the infinite possible ways in which human beings can conceive Islamic art and culture, especially nowadays. My motto is: “There is always something you don’t know that is worth learning”.

Giulia Gallini

giuliaaboutIWABorn in Milan, but currently living in Amsterdam, I graduated with a MA thesis on the use of inscriptions in Iranian mosques. I am a researcher in Islamic art, with an insane love for inscriptions and Qur’anic texts. After having worked with a bunch of nerds I’ve started becoming aware of the digital world and its potentials. Currently I study, I have my own blog, and collaborate with online magazines and blogs on Islamic art. I want to break the wall dividing academic research and general knowledge: this is what IWA will be able to do. My motto: “If you put up a wall, think of what’s left outside” (I. Calvino)

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